Market Research  

Regardless of which industry you compete in, the same principles can be applied to develop effective business strategies. From marketing to strategy, we help clients to build their skills and enhance their performance!

We provide service and support in areas such as:

  • Establishing a Business
  • Market & Industry Research
  • Partner Research
  • Feasibility Study
  • Business & Marketing Plan
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Government Loan & Financial Solutions
  • Trade Show Services / Logistic
  • Translation Services


Market Research

Periodically, TACC-Southeast conducts market research. By request, it also provides specialized market reports, industry analyses, and marketing plans. To be successful, intensive market research is paramount. Before making a decision, you should know which markets are niches and which the most have potential for your products and services. We assist you in finding the right markets throughout the entire Southeastern United States.


Partner Research

Sometimes, the best solution to sell your products or services on the foreign market is establishment of new strategic partners. We can determine a target group of potential business partners for you based on provided criteria. Our networks and research can provide an appropriate contact person who has specific interests in your products and/or services. Firstly, we arrange meetings and, secondly, build basis for future business partnerships. Many times, this happens itself organically during the business trips to the U.S.