About Us  

Who Are We?


The Turkish American Chamber of Commerce of the Southeast United States (TACC-Southeast) was founded in 2007 as a self-supporting, non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia by a group professionals to facilitate commerce between the U.S. and Turkey and to establish partnerships between Turkish and American business people.


TACC-Southeast conducts deep industry and market research in Atlanta and other nearby industry-focused cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Birmingham, Memphis, and Charlotte. Our purpose is to discover trade and investment opportunities and to provide effective market entrance strategies.


Additionally, TACC-Southeast consults with American business men & women who are seeking opportunities in Turkey, which has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, to render them able to establish their own business in the country. We also organize several special events such as Matchmaking Programs, Business and Student (Study Abroad) Trips, Global Executive Seminars and Turkish-American Business Summits.




To promote social and economic relations between Turkey and the United States, providing members with a broad spectrum of services while also facilitating new opportunities for Turkish and American business people in regards to trade, industry, agriculture, construction, mining, NGOs, manufacturing, professional activities, and other related activities.



•To assist Turkish business people both in expanding their businesses and entering the U.S. market

•To introduce Turkey and its promising market to American business people and help them engage in business abroad

•To help individuals/businesses to overcome the geographical, cultural and language barriers that are so often discouraging factors when expanding business into new markets

•To improve and develop local ventures of Turkish business people in the Southeastern U.S.

•To providing expertise by initiating and facilitating trade missions and participation at various trade shows in targeted markets (both in the U.S. & Turkey, and abroad)

•To support and encourage young entrepreneurs by coaching and mentoring them

•To cooperate with all major private and governmental economic development organizations (chambers of commerce, ministries, etc.).

•To create an environment that will bridge partnerships and facilitate networking among Turkish and American business men and women

•To improve the cultural understanding between the business communities of Turkey and the U.S..

•To feature guest speakers and offer business breakfasts, trips, various social gatherings, and special events which faciltate and encourage Turkish-American relationships

•To hold Turkish American Business Summits on an annual basis