Aktive Industrialists and Businessmen Association  

Established in 2012, the Active Industrialists and Businessmen Association was developed as a civil organization in the center of Ankara, Turkey with the ambition of disseminating information in regards to discrepancies in the business world and communicating the economic demands of Turkish businessmen to the public administration and bureaucracy. The organization provides education and seminary services to support development and innovation projects as well as development export potentiality and trade. The upcoming trade mission to the United States between the 28th of October and the 3rd of November will provide the Active Industrialists and Businessmen Association with the opportunity to explore international business ventures. Upon arrival in United States, they will embark on an expedition to New York City, New York, Miami, Florida and Orlando, Florida where they will meet with businessmen and government officials including the Mayor of Miami to discuss international business and trade opportunities before departing from the United States and returning to Turkey. The goal of this trip will be to support trade development and expand business opportunities between Turkish and American businessmen.